Feb 10

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2nd Doubles Tournament Luxembourg

This Sunday the Luxembourg CURLING played out its DOUBLES CHAMPIONSHIPS.

4 Teams participated in the Finals in a Round Robin:

The results there were:

1. Team Hansen Marc/Munn Ian: 2 victories
2. Team Promme Marc/Edwards Kyle: 2 victories
3. Team Kraemer Harry/Richards Candice: 1 victory
4. Team Benoy Alex/Hansen Yannick: 1 victory

The Bronze Medal game was then won in a final match 4-3 by BENOY/HANSEN against KRAEMER/RICHARDS.

And the LUXEMBOURG CHAMPIONSHIP was won in the gold/silver final 6-3 by PROMME/EDWARDS against HANSEN/MUNN.

Marc PROMME and Kyle EDWARDS can now call themselves LUXEMBOURG DOUBLES CHAMPIONS.

The organizing committee informed the players that they intend to extend this beautiful new curling competition in organizing next year an international tournament with 24 teams.

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