Nov 21

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4 Neighbour Nations Curling Club Cup 2012 – Schedule

F i n a l   S c h e d u l e    f o r    t h e    4    N e I g h b o u r   N a t i o n s     C u p      2 0 1 2


Saturday, November 24th:

12.30-14.00         Rink A                   Luxembourg 1                   –              Charleville-Mézières

                         Rink B                    Luxembourg 2                   –              Mechelen

14.15-15.45          Rink A                   Strasbourg                           –              Düsseldorf

                                  Rink B                    Luxembourg 1                    –              Luxembourg 2

16.00-17.30        Rink A                   Mechelen                              –              Strasbourg

                                   Rink B                   Charleville-Mézières        –              Düsseldorf


Sunday, November 25th:

8.00-9.30              Rink A                  Luxembourg 2                    –              Strasbourg

9.45-11.15             Rink A                  Luxembourg 1                    –              Düsseldorf

                         Rink B                   Charleville-Mézières        –              Mechelen

11.30-13.00         Rink A                  Charleville-Mézières        –              Luxembourg 2

                                   Rink B                   Luxembourg 1                    –              Strasbourg

13.15-14.45          Rink A                   Luxembourg 1                   –              Mechelen

                                   Rink B                    Luxembourg 2                   –              Düsseldorf

15.00-16.30         Rink A                   Mechelen                              –              Düsseldorf

     Rink B                    Charleville-Mézières        –              Strasbourg

16.45                       Winner-celebration ceremony with friendship drink at Cafeteria Kockelscheuer



All matches played with 6 ends without time-limit with 2 points for a victory and 1 point for a draw.

Regarding the first place: If two or more teams have the same number of points, a draw-shot competition is made, where each of the four team members shoots 1 stone to the dolly. The 4 Nations Cup Winner will then be the team with the lesser total distance to the dolly.

All other rules are the WCF rules and, of course, the spirit of curling is the most important one!

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