Corporate Events



 The Ice Rinks at Kockelscheuer offer great opportunities for corporate curling events involving companies, office parties, community groups or simply friends. Our curling events can provide meaningful  teambuilding opportunities for companies or organizations, or just an enjoyable and fun social event for a group of friends.

Curling is an ideal activity for such events as it can be played by people of all ages, ability and fitness.

All the necessary equipment is provided, with the additional bonus of guidance and coaching provided by qualified coaches.

Importantly, no experience of curling is required – our coaches ensure that appropriate supervision and guidance is provided.

Do you want to take this a step further?

Then the Curling Club Lëtzebuerg offers you the unique opportunity to try out Curling, an Olympic game based on team play, fair-play, respect and trust.

For bookings and more information, our Corporate Curling contact point is

Mr. Frank YÜNLÜ  by email  or on his cell phone +352 691 116 529.

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