Top 10 Placement For Two Luxembourg Teams

Two Curling Luxembourg teams have shown great skill this past weekend at the 1st International Open Thuringian Championship, placing fourth and fifth, respectively.

Team Lux 1 (Susi Benoy, Karen Wauters and Alex Benoy (skip)) clocked in three wins, one loss and one draw, while Team Lux 2 (Phillippe Giltaire, Claude Schweitzer and Marco Etienne (skip)) saw three wins and two defeats.

Both teams have fulfilled and even exceeded expectations by finishing just below the podium in a 16-team tournament.

Five Teams Swept It Out In National Doubles Championship

The 2019 Luxembourg Curling Doubles Championship took place this past weekend at the Pationire de Kockelscheuer.

And what a championship it was!

The trophy went to to Dan Kelly and Claude Schweitzer while Alex Benoy and Philippe Giltaire settled for silver.

The bronze medal game was decided after an extra 7th end.

Third place on the podium was taken by Virginie Hansen and Karen Wauters, defeating Nico Reuland and Mara Wagner.

Barry Foulds and Mike Isenor placed fifth.

Five new curlers took part in this years event, four of them under the age 18 which everyone at Curling Luxembourg is especially happy about.

Dan Kelly and his team win the National Team Championship 2018/2019

After a very exciting double Round Robin (each team playing each team twice), Dan KELLY (skip), Alex BENOY, Mike ISENOR, Barry FOULDS win the 18/19 edition by winning 3 games and only losing 1.

Karen WAUTERS (skip), Marc HUSI, Aljaž PENGOV BITENC, Antoine LEBLAIS are vice-champions with 2 victories and 2 losses.

Dany SCHWEICH (skip), Volker BEBA, Mara KIEFER (3 games), Susi BENOY (2), Angelina KYSIL (2), Nico REULAND (1) finish 3rd with 1 victory.

It was the first Championship for 5 of the 14 players. The new players all played good stones and showed great talent.

Curling Luxembourg is definitely on the way to a great future.

The games were then all tight, even with the Champions losing against Dany Schweich’s Team Future.

The atmosphere was absolutely in a very good spirit of Curling the whole weekend through, which delighted particularly the Curling Union Committee present.