Dan Kelly and his team win the National Team Championship 2018/2019

After a very exciting double Round Robin (each team playing each team twice), Dan KELLY (skip), Alex BENOY, Mike ISENOR, Barry FOULDS win the 18/19 edition by winning 3 games and only losing 1.

Karen WAUTERS (skip), Marc HUSI, Aljaž PENGOV BITENC, Antoine LEBLAIS are vice-champions with 2 victories and 2 losses.

Dany SCHWEICH (skip), Volker BEBA, Mara KIEFER (3 games), Susi BENOY (2), Angelina KYSIL (2), Nico REULAND (1) finish 3rd with 1 victory.

It was the first Championship for 5 of the 14 players. The new players all played good stones and showed great talent.

Curling Luxembourg is definitely on the way to a great future.

The games were then all tight, even with the Champions losing against Dany Schweich’s Team Future.

The atmosphere was absolutely in a very good spirit of Curling the whole weekend through, which delighted particularly the Curling Union Committee present.